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Where the grass is always greener...

21 June 1986

"Toph...is badass. If she wants Aang to come to her, he comes. And if she wants to come to him, then her badassness will only help her. This is the way of Tophgod. PRAISE HER."

by miss_silverwing

Oh snap!

I'm a total geek and I'm crazy, but I'm also a down-to-earth kind of girl. A 22 year old that resembles a seven year old at heart, I like to joke around and make others laugh. I go through life hoping that a vortex would suck me in and transport me to a magical place where the fate of the world is in my hands...sadly, that hasn't happened yet.

Oh and check out my fanfiction over at ff.net, penname: jayma ^_^

Three main things about me:
1. I obsess...a lot, lol. I go crazy for my fandoms!
2. I consider myself a true fangirl at heart! Goes hand in hand with the obsession part, haha.
3. My mind wanders off a lot, haha. I'm a daydreamer and my daily imaginings make my day go by more comfortably :)

What makes me....me!:

In Love With...
Green / Cats / Books / Wolves / Jacob / Archaeology / 22 / History / Fanfiction / Traveling / Food / Writing / Television / Internet / Livejournal / The Smell Of Dirt & Cut Grass / Antiques / Collecting Movie Stubs and Rocks / Easter Island / New Zealand /

Smokers / Crocs / Posers / Rude People / Inconsiderate People / Ignorant People / Early Mornings / Anticipation / Animal Abusers / Periods / Heights / Bugs / Being Broke All The Time / My Self-Esteem Issues

TV/Movie/Book True Loves...
Stargate SG-1 / Stargate Atlantis / Avatar: The Last Airbender / Being Human BBC / Earth 2 / Bones / Card Captor Sakura / Tin Man / Robin Hood BBC / Moonlight / Power Rangers (SPD, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force) / Harry Potter / Ever After / Never Been Kissed / Jane Austen / Twilight / Corduroy / Looking For Alibrandi / The Raging Quiet / Star Wars

My Ships...
AangToph / ZukoToph / SokkaToph / JackSam / CamSam / DanielVala / JohnElizabeth / RononElizabeth / LorneElizabeth / McKayKeller / RononKeller / TeylaLorne / SakuraSyaoran / DevonDanziger / CainDG / WillDjaq / ConnorKira / KiraTommy / SkyZ / JackSyd / MaddieXander / ObiWanPadme / ObiWanSabe / FredHermione / GeorgeLuna / LunaDraco / GinnyDraco / TonksLupin / BellaJacob / DannyAiden / AliceJasper / MickBeth / BoothBones / AliceHatter / SO MANY MORE!

Supporter of... (I figure there's no point in hiding who I am and what I believe in)
Barack Obama / Gay rights / Animal rights / ASPCA / Non-organized religion / Pro-choice / Illegal immigrant rights / Universal health care

Co-moderator of vamp_n_ghost
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