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Taiwanese Drama List

missatralissa  inspired me with her Asian Drama Master List, that I had to do one myself for Taiwanese Dramas! hehe! So I totally snatched her idea to keep myself on track : )

Here we go! 

Tdrama List
Tdramas completedTdramas currently watchingTdramas must watch
It Started with a Kiss ^_^Silence*Love or Bread
They Kiss Again ^_^Fated To Love You*Meteor Garden 2
Mars ^_^ Anything with Vic Zhou
Love Contract O_o Anything with VanNess Wu
Devil Beside You ^_^  
Meteor Garden ^_^  
Meteor Shower ^_^  
Bull Fighting ^_^  
Autumn's Concerto ^_^

^_^ = Awesome, amazing, OMG I LOVE...anything along those lines, lol!
O_o = WTF?

*I'm taking my time because I can't sit down long enough to get through an episode, lol! Nothing against the show, it's totally me!
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