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USA!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm a crazy football (soccer) fan. It's what makes me...ME! :D
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~My dreamy Mike He from Bull Fighting~

Taiwanese Drama List

missatralissa  inspired me with her Asian Drama Master List, that I had to do one myself for Taiwanese Dramas! hehe! So I totally snatched her idea to keep myself on track : )

Here we go! 

Tdrama List
Tdramas completedTdramas currently watchingTdramas must watch
It Started with a Kiss ^_^Silence*Love or Bread
They Kiss Again ^_^Fated To Love You*Meteor Garden 2
Mars ^_^ Anything with Vic Zhou
Love Contract O_o Anything with VanNess Wu
Devil Beside You ^_^  
Meteor Garden ^_^  
Meteor Shower ^_^  
Bull Fighting ^_^  
Autumn's Concerto ^_^

^_^ = Awesome, amazing, OMG I LOVE...anything along those lines, lol!
O_o = WTF?

*I'm taking my time because I can't sit down long enough to get through an episode, lol! Nothing against the show, it's totally me!
Teal'c Not Happy

Protect Canadian Seals!

Hey guys, 

So I mean to put this up last night along with my fangirl post. I really need anyone who is willing to help. In less than 20 days the Canadian Seal Hunt will begin. Over 10 million seals have been killed last year and most of them were younger than 3 months old. Not only that, they are beaten to death with metal pipes or anything that seems gratifying for the hunters. Most of the seals are still alive when they are skinned....This NEEDS to STOP! 

All I ask is a donation. A small donation could help this organization find ways to stop these atrocities from happening. Please, I know that most of us are college students trying to save up money for our next night out. But have a heart, if you can't donate, SPREAD THE WORD! That's all I ask....

Please visit for more information to see what you can do to make a small difference!

Thank you!